Know About Your Health In 30 Seconds Without Any Medical Test

The human body is like a closed machine. A human being can live a healthy life if all its parts are performing well. Sometimes the work of certain parts is affected silently, which can be a major cause of human problems if detected too long. This is why doctors recommend a full body checkup after every two years, which also has a substantial amount of money. Today we will tell you about some exercises, with these exercises you can learn about your physical health in just thirty seconds. Also read Obesity is the Anxiety of this Era.

By pressing the left-hand fingers

The fingers of the human hand contain the nerves of all the vital parts of the body. Which helps us to understand the health of these parts.

  1. Press the root of the thumb nail. If you feel the pain when pressing it, your lungs are affected and not working properly.
  2. If you feel pain by pressing the nail of the index finger, it can be a cause of discomfort in the colon, which can also be the cause of constipation.
  3. Pain in the middle and fourth finger nail presses means that the heart is not working properly.
  4. Pain caused by pressing the finger nail of the little finger causes a small intestine defect.

With the help of the hip muscles

For this test,

  1. lay on the ground and your face should be toward the ground.
  2. Then spread your arms on the ground on both sides.
  3. Then lift the right leg upwards while keeping the left leg straight and bend it.
  4. If your thighs are able to do that for thirty seconds, which means your muscles are in the best condition.
  5. In case of pain, that means your hip muscles, pelvis or knee muscles aren’t working properly.

Close your fist

  1. Close your fist tightly and hold it tight for thirty seconds.
  2. It will turn white your palm due to stoppage of blood circulation.
  3. Then open your fist and watch it for thirty seconds.
  4. If it turns red quickly, it means your blood vessels and heart are functioning properly.
  5. If that doesn’t happen, it means they have some problem.

Prone on ground and lift both legs

  1. Prone on the ground.
  2. Raise both legs from the ground with both arms straight.
  3. Continue this exercise for thirty seconds.
  4. If you are able to do it without any trouble, it means that you are healthy.
  5. Otherwise, your spine and vertebrae suffer in case of pain.

Raise the upper torso from the ground

  1. Lay down on the ground.
  2. Lift the upper body above from the ground
  3. Hold it for thirty seconds.
  4. If you succeed in doing so without any discomfort, it means that you are healthy.
  5. In case of pain you should visit a doctor.

Hope you like these points. Try it now and find out about your health. These are just tips and they cannot replace medical tests.

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