10 Things which kill your smart phone battery

Now a days the users of smart phone are facing fast battery consumption issue. Even we often found that our phone’s battery is running low without using and it becomes difficult for us to run out of battery when needed. In this case we are going to some tips about how you can save your phone’s battery.

Un-necessary Apps

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Installing excessive or unnecessary apps on a smartphone can affect battery performance. Notifications sent by these apps use up battery power, which drains the smart phone battery soon. Read This What is “5G” and how much will it benefit a common Pakistani?

Increase battery life by 30%

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If your phone’s battery drains quickly, users of the Android Marshmallow can increase battery life by up to 30%, you’ll need to go to Settings and click on Battery and turn on Saver mode. After that, when you are not using your phone, the device will fall into a deep state of sleep and the activity of background apps will be reduced.

Videos and Photos

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We get used to making lots of photos and videos during travel or special occasions, and in the meantime, we take videos and photos that we really don’t need – just capture those moments in your camera that are really interesting. Yes – you can also put your mobile phone in airplane mode when making photos or videos this can save a lot of battery as the camera also needs a lot of energy.

Colorful Wallpapers

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A lot of colorful and bright wallpapers applied to mobile phones also consume smart phone battery faster, so you should keep the mobile phone screen less bright as well as apply light-colored or black-and-white wallpapers.

Too Many Phone Calls

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If you get a lot of phone calls or you talk on the phone for long periods of time, this is also an important reason for your smartphone battery draining. If you want to save power of your smartphone battery then avoid unnecessary calls, it saves your time and battery.


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Most users always have their smartphone’s bluetooth option enabled because their bluetooth is connected to other devices – you should also turn off the bluetooth option when you are not using it. Your smartphone’s battery will not drain fast and will be able to support you for a long time.


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While the location feature of the smartphone has proved to be very useful to the users, on the other hand it has had a profound negative impact on the battery of the smartphone as this feature consumes too much battery – hence the apps Depending on the location features, use them carefully.

Charging Port of Smart Phone

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Always keep a mobile phone’s charging port clean and protected from dust as well as try to keep the mobile screen clean. Your these habits can also help enhance the smartphone’s battery life.


Avoid from overcharging, most people put their smart phones on charging overnight, this habit damage the battery. We should charge battery when it remains 10% and plug out the charger when it reaches to 100%.


Always use genuine accessories like charger, hand free and data cable. Avoid to use external Bluetooth speakers and hand free for long time. Use hand free for long calls, listen music, watching movies and play games. Use Wifi instead of mobile data.

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